A website made by Triumph Design

These days a lot of people claim that they can make websites, that might be true, but not everyone can build a good website. A good website consists of a lot of aspects like for example Responsive design, nice clean code, fast load times and a well thought-through SEO plan. We have the knowledge about those crucial aspects to make sure your new website will be a success.

Triumph Design is an expierenced company when it comes to making a website. Let the websites listed below convince you and don’t hesitate to contact us!

These are some of the websites we made at Triumph Design

F.I.T. Sports balm

F.I.T. sports balm needed a new design for their webshop. It had to be fresh, clean and in terms of usability it had to be 100%. This multilingual webshop is made in OpenCart and it made our client...

The Glow Brand

The Glow Brand sells high heels. Each color is affiliated with a different charity. Triumph Design created a multilingual OpenCart webshop, we designed it carefully, for example the content pages had...


This Wordpress website is made with the cooperation of Sesmoi, a creative designer. Look at what she has to offer!

Cosy van Tutti

This webshop is made with OpenCart. At the moment they're busy with taking photo's of their products. When that's finished the webshop will be live. So for now it's just a normal content website....